Self-help exercises

Helping you take an active role in improving your health


The information and self-help exercises on this page are intended to empower you to take part in improving your own health. The beauty is they can all be done easily in the comfort of your own home.

The self-help exercises are all part of the wider scope of Chinese Medicine including acupuncture, movement, diet, and lifestyle. I’m hoping they give you a little taster into some of the things we do in the clinic as well as acupuncture. At the same time you should feel some benefit from practising them. It always feels good and helps your treatment when you play an active role in it yourself.

All the self-help exercises here follow similar principles to acupuncture and can be integrated into your treatment plan in conjunction with your acupuncture sessions. If you’d like to know more or have any questions feel free to contact me.

Self-massage exercises

Carpal tunnel syndrome

This set of self-massage exercises are designed to help if you’re experiencing carpal tunnel syndrome.

Qi Gong exercises

Autumn Qi Gong

The Lungs are the Yin organ of Metal and Autumn. This qi gong exercise helps the natural contraction and expansion of the Lungs, helping strengthen and nourish them at this key time of year as we gather our resources ready for winter.

Please always practice these exercises sensibly, and if you have any concerns consult your medical practitioner to ensure suitability.

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