Follow-up treatments

Follow-up treatments for returning patients

Your follow-up appointments will tend to follow the path of your agreed treatment plan. Different acupuncuture points may be used in each treatment, with the combination designed to follow the overall aims of your specific treatment plan. Appointments generally take around 50 minutes.

You can also find more general information on our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. We hope these answer all of your questions, but do feel free to get in contact if there’s anything more you’d like to know before you decide to visit us.

Progress review

When you arrive at the clinic we’ll guide you through the following:

A review of your general health since your previous appointment and taking your pulse

Time for you to ask questions or share concerns you have

Treatment Plan

Continue with your treatment plan:

Together we will agree on the focus of this treatment in line with your longer-term treatment plan

Discuss proposed needle locations and any whether any complimentary treatments are recommended in this session (for instance Moxibustion, Cupping, or Tuina)

Acupuncture Treatment

You’ll be made comfortable and we can start your acupuncture treatment:

Clothing will be moved out of the way in areas where the needles will be inserted. In some cases clothing may need to be removed to access the acupunture points, in which case we will leave the room whilst you change in order to preserve your modesty

Ultra fine needles will be inserted in the acupuncture points and sometimes gently manipulated if required

Needles are removed after approximately 20 minutes and disposed of hygienically

Moxibustion, Cupping, or Tuina may be added to the treatment if necessary

Wind Down

Once your treatment is over:

It’s likely you may feel relaxed at this point, so you’ll have time to rearrange or put back any clothing that was removed during treatment

We can discuss any further questions you may have and ensure you know how to get the best from today’s treatment. We may also make suggestions on things you can do between treatments to improve your health

If required, any further appointments can be scheduled at this time or booked at a later date

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